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Improving Your Processes & Profits

JD Financial Associates is your outsourced controller resource advising on financial and operational matters to maximize profitability and minimize risk.


Gain Confidence in Your Decisions

Get your financials in order. Finally end cash flow struggles and even know them a year in advance. With the comfort of knowing things are under control, you can then plan ahead for future spending contingencies and reduce the risk of surprise spending.


Identify Opportunities for Savings

Jumpstart problem solving with an in house resource who can address both operations as well as financial concerns. In addition, your staff will have immediate access to the best training and support.


Achieve Your Growth Goals

Influence tomorrow’s bottom line with expert guidance in two critical areas of your business: operations and finance. Since both are housed as one congruent service, efficiencies and clear communication are maximized. Together, our services are geared toward growing and scaling your company in the most effective manner.

Discover how JD Financial Associates has helped businesses like yours increase cash flow year after year.

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What Makes JD Financial Associates So Different?

JD Financial Associates is your outsourced controller resource advising on financial and operational matters to maximize profitability and minimize risk.

When it comes to leaving money on the table in business transactions and planning, many business owners feel uncertain and anxious about their decisions. JD Financial Associates helps companies make financial decisions to increase cash flow with a sense of confidence.

We know how hard it can be to feel secure when making decisions that involve risk in order to grow your company and have helped many companies successfully grow. JD Financial Associates was founded by Jennifer Denil, who has over 25 years of experience in public accounting, as a controller, and as a software consultant.

What she discovered was that companies did not have the resources to set up scalable processes when they started business. As the business grew, they needed solutions their CPA accounting firm couldn’t typically provide. They needed “on the ground” controller services, someone who could evaluate existing processes as well as business workflows and profit and expense drivers.

That’s when she founded JD Financial Associates. JD Financial Associates advises on both financial and operational matters to ensure a business is most profitable while minimizing risks.

With her 5-step process, you will walk away with:

JD Financial Associates 5-Step Process

Business owners need to make decisions about their business in what seems like an endless sea of uncertainty. Having a trusted advisor to help them navigate ensures the greatest potential for profits. Companies that master their financials and optimize their operations win in the marketplace.

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Do you need outsourced financial assistance? Take the Quiz:

  1. Do you spend more than 5 hours each week managing your financial processes, with no meaningful output?
  2. Do you wonder if you can pay your bills next week, next month or next year?
  3. Would you like to know the profitability of your different products or lines of business?
  4. Would you like to know the key profitability drivers and how you can affect them to make more money?
  5. Do you have a lot of errors in your financial data?
  6. Does your accounting staff struggle to keep pace with the volume of information?
  7. Have you experienced growth in your business and are struggling to keep up?
  8. Do you wish you had a trusted advisor who understood your business operations who could help you work through critical business decisions?
  9. Are you worried about having the right controls in place to prevent theft of your assets?
  10. Do you lay awake at night struggling to make key business decisions?

Moving Foward

Schedule a meeting with Jennifer and learn a decision-making framework that will help you get your books in order and strategically grow your company.

Working together is effortless. When not working remotely, Jennifer comes to your office, works with your existing accounting and operations software as well as your staff. In addition to implementing changes, she trains and coaches your staff, upgrades their skillset, and finds flexible solutions that work for everyone.

To Start Improving Your Processes and Profits

  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Learn a decision-making framework
  • Get your books in order
  • Strategically grow your company

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